Elee here and I’m delighted to be facilitating space for your self-exploration through a potent, curated set of energetic arts. Our practice sessions are a distillation of the most powerful disciplines I’ve encountered throughout the last decade of my own cultivation. They have been essential in creating an internal structure for my healing and self-actualization to unfold layer by layer.  I’m planning on bringing everything I’ve got to these sessions, and I’m excited to witness the results of dedicated practice materializing for you!

In this introduction, we’ll cover the structure of LOVELEE PRACTICE:

  • Practice Details
  • Practice Essentials
  • Safety Protocol
  • Getting the most out of your Experience

I won’t be using our valuable session time to lecture — we will go straight into practice. For this reason, I encourage you to fully assimilate this orientation guide so you will be prepared and ready to dive deep into your training.

After reading this orientation in it’s entirety and signing the waiver, you will be all set to Practice with our Lovelee global community.


Each week has a designated theme:

The weekly themes are universal archetypes based on the ancient i-ching and presented through a system of self-discovery called the Gene Keys. In our upcoming week, we will be exploring how to transform the unconscious energy of Expectation into Celebration. More on this next week!

Each session is focused on the three pillars of BREATH, MOVEMENT & AWARENESS :

Breath, movement, and awareness are fundamentally interconnected. We will often explore a combination of these three main elements to achieve the potential of our day’s practice. For example, by experiencing the Movement of your Breath and being Aware of it’s rhythm, it can inform you in how unlock the Breath even deeper!


Before you join a live session, please be sure that you have everything you need to practice:

  • If you can create a dedicated space where you can breathe freely, move, and go deep into stillness during our sessions, it will be of great benefit to your practice.
  • Please hydrate before practice.
  • You might find it useful to have, a yoga mat, a blanket, a journal and pen, warm tea or water.
  • Think about anything you need to be comfortable siting or laying on the ground and have these things within arms reach if possible.
  • If you are able, set private secure space, where you will not be disturbed.
  • If you share space in your home environment, it could be helpful to discuss how this hour is dedicated to taking care of YOU and that not being disturbed would be ideal.
  • If there are no urgent matters at hand, please turn your phone on do not disturb and fully disconnect from the alerts and messages for the entire hour.
  • Most Importantly!! Set the intention to commit to yourself and your practice.

While it’s best to join each live session while it’s occurring — life happens! So I’ll have replays of each session available in the membership area for one week before they are replaced by the newest session.


Now for the serious part! Safety! 

The practices can have a profound effect on your mental and physical states. It is important that you are somewhat familiar with breath work and movement modalities to attend this course. Furthermore it is essential to respect the breath by listening to your body and intuition.

Those who have attended a full weak retreat with me, will know what I mean when I say that many energetic arts, like powerful breathing techniques, can go very deep into the system and psyche, possibly into uncharted waters.

If you have attended a fundamentals workshop only and still feel unclear about the breathing exercises or have any concerns for your wellbeing within this practice, now or anytime, please feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss in detail your process and set you up to be safe and successful in your practice.


Here are some technicalities and thoughts on enhancing your online practice experience:

Download Zoom

  • Download the Zoom app and familiarize yourself with how it works.
  • Make sure your internet connect supports online streaming.
  • Set your mic on mute during the sessions, please feel free to chat in a hello, where you are from, or any questions.
  • You are welcome to have your video on or off. There are many different reasons why one would prefer to have the video on or off. I would love to see your face and feel it is a wonderful gift to the community and I also fully understand if you have your video off.

So how do you navigate to LOVELEE PRACTICE on this website? Just go back to the top of the page, to main menu, and log in under the PRACTICE tab. Once you do, you’ll have access to the membership pages. If you ever need to change or manage your membership, you can find that on your Account Dashboard page.

If you haven’t sign the waiver yet, please do so now…

Some Final Thoughts…

The ultimate goal and intention I have for anyone embarking on this journey of self-actualization is….  Freedom.

Freedom in your breath and movement, freedom of awakened awareness, freedom as you move towards your highest expression. 

I look forward to practicing with you!