We found an Angel, Elee👼💝

The year was 2015 when I met Elee and she opened up a new world for me. I knew her passionate, contagious & fun spunk would have me encapsulated in no time and I was right! Up for the adventure in ice bathing, Elee was just the soulful connection to guide me. As we went deep into breathing like never before, her strong & scientifically educated yet soft edge personality had, and, still has, me feeling safe & confident every time. Laced with humor and great music, a journey with Elee is a.l.w.a.y.s. worth my time, effort and energy. I am forever grateful to experience priceless lessons with her. As a result, my Life toolbox is far better equipped to handle that which comes my way and my glowing health is a tribute to her.
If you’ve found Elee, you’ve found a heaven sent Angel‼️
THANK Y💝U, Elee💐

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