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October 10 2018 Panama city FL was hit by a Category 5 Hurricane. Hurricane Michael. As a First Responder we, as a department, were required to not only work during the Hurricane, but weeks after. Pulling 24 hour shifts with no relief until strike teams could get to us for help. With no communication we had no way to find out if our families were alive… but as our duty we worked our asses off trying to save the people we could meanwhile not knowing if our own families were even alive. PTSD and severe depression sets in among all of the destruction. Looking for anything to rid the mental pain I happened on Wim Hof Method… almost like it was brought to me from somewhere higher. I signed up for the class and flew in to Austin with an open mind and a little research. ELee did the most AMAZING job in teaching us the techniques and why the body responds the way it does. Injuries have made things hard as well. But the ice therapy combined have help with both the pain and the depression. ELee did more than she knows in helping educate me on the basics. And in just a few days my mentality and focus have come back and I feel really good and POSITIVE about the future. ELee quite possibly saved me from whatever could’ve been next. Elee and WHM turned my life around. I am hungry for more and cant wait until I’m back in her class growing on the foundation she set that day. Ultimately I TRULY believe that WHM should be used as a tool for all First Responders and anyone that suffers from trauma or mental illness. AMAZING AND ALIVE!!

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