Elee’s gift to me has taken the form of self-healing, personal empowerment, and creativity

I took Elee’s Wim Hof Fundamentals workshop in Pittsburgh in May of 2019. In February of 2021, after our year of collective social distancing, I felt a desire for positive momentum, community, and a steady connection to a healthy practice. I decided to join the weekly online classes that she hosts. I have now been practicing in her weekly classes for more than a year. Elee’s gift to me as a student has taken the form of self-healing, personal empowerment, and creativity. She creates practices that balance repetition with free and natural expression. Classes are always unique and free flowing while being very focused at the same time. The result for me has been a deepening of my connection with my breath, mind, and body. My breath is my best friend, my practice is a gift I hold dearly, and I have immense gratitude for Elee in helping me along this path. She is a passionate guide for her students and has enabled me to connect with the practices and myself in ways that otherwise would have been difficult to see on my own. The space she holds is really fun. It is also very accessible and practical with the invitation for a deeper experience than I first thought was available.
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