Build your foundation for radical wellness through consistent, guided practice…

Introducing Lovelee Practice —  A virtual community where we gather three times per week to cultivate and deepen our innate human wisdom through breath, movement, and awareness.

Structure creates freedom! Through regular practice, we forge the foundation for greater well being. Consistent self-cultivation allows us to bring alignment to our inner space, so we can show up in our lives with greater presence and availability.

Connection is strength. With the support of our tribe, we are encouraged to practice more consistently while broadening our understanding through shared learning. 

Lovelee Practice is an inner circle where you can develop your discipline and refine your practice via interactive live stream three times per week. One practice session each week is dedicated to Breath, Movement, and Awareness respectively.

Live practice sessions are one hour in length and take place via Zoom every:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am

(Mountain Time, USA).

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6pm
(Central European Time)

Members will be able to view the live stream practice sessions in the member’s area for one week after they are recorded, so don’t worry if you miss a session. After one week, the previous Session Replays will be replaced with the current week’s.

LOVELEE PRACTICE | Flexible Pricing: $25-55 | Billed Monthly

  • Tri-weekly Live Practice sessions via Zoom.
  • Current week’s Session Replays available in membership area.
  • Each week explores an archetypal theme in personal development.
  • 20% off private sessions and workshops with Elee.
  • Access to special guest speakers and teachers.

** Lovelee Practice is based on the foundation that has been established during your initial training with Elee. It is for this reason and for your own safety that our group practice is not suited for a first-timerIf you would like to schedule a private session to get up to speed and ready for our weekly group practice, contact Elee here