‘InnerFire’ Tea: A medicinal tea to bring down inflammation without medication.

This amazing tea saved my eyesight! I had an pretty serious head injury from a wild skateboarding adventure which left one eye swollen shut. The swelling from the head injury was increasing by the minute and was making me unable to see! Clearly I needed to cut the inflammation and fast, but I didn’t want to use over-the-counter medication, contrary to the wishes of my trauma nurse neighbor.

I had heard of this magic brew but I didn’t have a reason to make it until now. I acquired a ridiculous amount of ginger and made the strongest potion I could conjure, cooking it and cooking it down until it was thick and rich. I could barely take the first sip it was so spicy and hot as it burned like whiskey on the way down.

However, to my amazement, after the first small glass and in less then 30 minutes the swelling diminished to the point where I had regained my eyesight in both eyes! I continued to drink the concoction for the following days allowing me to work two 12 hour shifts like a boss and to the amazement of my employers.

What you will need:

• Big Chunk of Ginger (depending on desired strength)
• Big Pot
• Fresh Water
• Dates (optional) 
• Honey (optional)

How to: 

1) Slice ginger.

2) Fill Pot with Water.

3) Tell the water and ginger something nice: “Thank you Ginger”.

3.5) Maybe the pot too.

4) Bring water to a boil with ginger (add dates for sweetness) 

—-The longer you simmer the stronger it gets. 30- 60+ mins.

5) Replenish water as needed.

—Can keep it slow simmer, warm or refrigerate and reheat. 

—Stays good for about 2 days.

—Simmers well in a crock pot.

!Makes the house smell good!

Dilute with water and/or add honey if to much ‘fire’.
More Fire in taste means more medicinal towards reducing inflammation 😉


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