Gardners Pie

A healthy, simple -very yummy- vegetarian/vegan/gluten free version of comfort food supreme, Sheppards pie!


What You Will Need:

• Millet or Japanese Sweet Potatoes
• Water or Broth
• Your Favorite Veggies
• Butter or Coconut Oil
• Blender, Masher or Hand Held Mixer (optional)


How To Basic:

1) Cook Millet (3 cups water to 1 cup Millet) or Potatoes (Boil or steam).


2) Blend/mash (potatos or millet) add oil/butter to taste.

3) Chop your favorite veggies ( I love using beets, carrots, asparagus, celery, yellow squash, turnip, greens and the list goes on) For an added flare you could sauté your favorite mushrooms and/or peppers until browned for added texture and flavor.

4) Add all chopped veggies into a baking dish. Pour mashed/whipped millet/potatoes on top of veggies. Bake at 400 until top is brown.


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