Grand Lake Rewilding Retreat

04/15/2020 @ 6:00 PM – 04/19/2020 @ 9:00 AM
Colorado River
Grand Lake
Grand Lake Rewilding Retreat @ Colorado River

Join Level III Wim Hof Instructor Elizabeth Lee, “Elee”, for an unforgettable 4 day retreat in the rugged beauty of Grand Lake Colorado.

Taking place at a private lodge along the Colorado River, we will enjoy daily cold training in the secluded, icy river right outside our door. Surrounded by pine forests and majestic snow capped mountains, our wood burning sauna (The Goose) will stay stoked just feet away on the beach, ready for us to balance ourselves in it’s nourishing heat.

Each morning begins with a breathing session to expand awareness of breath and strengthen its capacity. Contemplative meditation and movement practices designed to restore primal posture will support our daily activities.

There will be ample opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of Colorado during our adventures to the mountains and sulfur hot springs. There will also be time to relax at one of the outdoor fire pits and enjoy the abundant wildlife at our secluded lodge.

All meals are nutrient dense and prepared by our in-house chef in our large communal kitchen. We will also serve herbal, hydrating elixirs and offer Gong-fu tea ceremony service.

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