Embodied Understanding in Uncertain Times

‘Feeling is understanding’ – Wim Hof

There are many impressive scientific studies that have been published as a result of Wim’s unwavering dedication to his mission. Many people are drawn to his practice because science is now shining a light on it. A wonderful tool, science, to say the least.

For me tho, it was ‘feeling is understanding’ that got me.

I experience this maxim as an invitation to drop out of the analytical mind and connect with a realness that exists beyond words — into a type of intelligence perceived not only through the mind, but also through emotion, heart, body, and spirit; a multi-dimensional awareness where all the facets communicate clearly and effectively.

Focused flow. Flowing focus.

When I first heard Wim say – ‘feeling is understanding’ – it was like I got hit in the chest as this proclamation shook me to my core.

It’s as if the gloves came off and I could feel with greater precision.

At that moment I started to see sensitivity in a new light, as a potential power vs the weakness I had defined it to be before.

Over the years, my experience of this ‘feeling’ continues to deepen as I uncover new little precious nuggets of insight.

I notice that once I engage a thought about a feeling and I am fully aboard the ‘thought train’, I’ve lost the flow, or rather that sense of insight available with feeling.

The feeling, uninhibited by the reflex of thought, is where I am discovering these insightful gold nuggets.

If I can stay connected to the feeling and utilize my mind with efficiency, by allowing the feeling, witnessing it, taking unbiased mental notes about it – focused…. while simultaneously letting the feelings flow – that’s the sweet spot. That’s where the magic is for me.

Simple. Maybe not easy.

Feeling feelings fully, freely – can be scary.  For real.

Most of us around have recently landed ourselves home with a lot of time on our hands. Our global situation that is fraught with unknowns yet it carries a great potential for re-patterning our lives. Rather than following a template generated by our thoughts, what would we discover if we allowed ourselves to be informed by our deep and present feelings?

Uncovering truth hidden in feelings that we may have been avoiding is so powerful it can restructure entire internal foundations and frameworks. While it’s is easier and far more familiar to let the mind and thoughts run wild and distract from the body’s whispers, we have a rare opportunity right now to become silent and listen deeply.

Infection and illness will continue to be a very real actuality in the coming weeks. As you take care of yourselves, please think about anyone in your life who may be isolated or vulnerable and offer support with appropriate physical distance, especially if their health is fragile.

I am looking forward to continuing my exploration of feeling with the intention of hearing the body and being able to consciously communicate with what it is that my body needs during this turbulent time.

Simple, not easy.
Focus – Flow – for that Freedom Glow!! ?

With full feeling,


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