Reducing Food Cost & Promoting Sustainability in Communities

I have had the great pleasure and challenge of cooking for many large groups. On one such occasion I cooked for about 50 people, 3 meals a day for 6 days. This is no small task, however I learned an amazing lesson on the economy of shopping. Using creative and informed shopping we were able to provide 3 organic meals, regular snacks, and drinks all for close to $10 per person per day.

So this got me thinking…

Can the same principles that helped me save money while cooking in bulk be applied in my individual life?

I am reminded that community and village life is by far the most sustainable way.

Food for thought.. you can often get organic quality produce at places like Costco, 3x as much for same price as normal grocery. This is supreme cost effectiveness but for the average household this bulk food would spoil and become a waste.

So what do we do…?

Come-in-unity: A few single friends or households of the same mind and bellies have a bulk shopping party 2-3 times a month. Cutting food cost significantly and promoting sustainable living.. all with just a little extra scheduling and some math!

Collective cooperation and conscious community!

Costco Carpool anyone!?

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