An Experience of Grief in Relation to the Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method was, in part, birthed in the wake of grief.  

In this past month, I have learned more of grief and more of myself. 

“Happy, Healthy, Strong – for everyone!” – says Wim. 

As grief redefines ‘happiness’ and ‘strength’ for me I find myself more committed to this mission than ever before. 

In general terms, I see no happiness in the loss of my father. 

I am deeply sad. 

And in this case.. I can see that sad is ‘right’ and sad is not ‘bad’. 

In my being sad, riding the waves and feeling it fully, I accept the discomfort, and in doing so, I support my father’s energy by loving and missing him to the fullest. 

“Where there is deep grief there was great love”


I do not feel strong when I feel into this depth of loss. Yet, after I feel, process, release these waves of heavy energy I am lighter and more grounded. 

I am more capable of compassion, of remembrance and understanding. 

‘Feeling is Understanding”

Wim Hof

The Wim Hof Method is natural, it is Nature. 

It is Breath, Cold, and Mind. 

The Breath is a mirror, the Cold a teacher, the Mind awareness.  

I am endeavoring to work with my grief as action, as a choice, by flowing it and not allowing it to stagnate or root into depression. 

My breath shows me where I am holding, where I am flowing. 

When I am into a feeling… overcome.. am I restricting, or am I allowing? 


In this practice, I am finding transformation. 

In this, it feels like I am allowing my father to support me in his death as he always did so well in his life. 

In this, he is with me in a new way, a way he couldn’t be in life, and in this, I find happiness and strength. 


“A hole in the heart” – they say. 

In my father’s passing It’s like a part of myself died too. And now after a month of ‘work’ and experiencing this loss I am certain that a part of myself did in fact die. That in some form we die every moment and our essence is being reborn continuously. 

I will never experience the Elee whose daddy is living with her here in this world. 

She is gone, as is He. 

Yet I have the gift to experience this “now Elee” and I have a choice to choose.

Often addiction, distraction, and repression are the choices made in this challenge. Oh to be human.  

I strive to remember, to choose Grace, however it may be available to me. 

Grace through grief. 

This brings me to Hope as I transform on this journey – with Grief as my guide. 

May we wake up and remember to be key players in these deaths and rebirths.


May we grieve the loss of our naturalness and remember it reborn. 

I intend to go deep into my practice and I look forward to working with the community to bring a brighter future for this gift of a world. 

Thank you for reading my reflections. 

From some depths, 


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