About ELEE

Elizabeth Lee “Elee”, collided with the healing arts through a debilitating accident that had an unhopeful prognosis.

Through practicing Wim Hof Method and Bowspring Method, Elee recovered her health, vitality and verve for living. Having experienced firsthand the physical and mental transformation possible through dedicated practice, Elee delights in sharing these methods with others.

With her love for self-exploration, combined with her supportive and energetic teaching style, Elee is a relatable and knowledgable guide in personal development. She understands the fear we can face when attempting change and to grow beyond limitations. Elee will meet you where you are, and gently support you in taking steps toward your own embodied wellness.

Elee teaches workshops all over the world, with a focus in Austin, Texas and her current home in Denver, Colorado. Wim Hof Method and Bowspring Method are the primary disciplines in Elee’s methodology, however her knowledge and certifications extend into early childhood education, nutrition, medical qigong, and therapeutic massage.

My Story

Born and raised in East Texas, as a teen I found myself confused at the state of the world and my place in it. Feeling lost I found, as many do, the exciting yet detrimental world of hard drugs. This was a particularly dark page in my adolescent chapter and the fact that the story doesn’t end here is magical.

On my 17th birthday I was physically smashed out of the drug scene and into a greater reality by a car accident in which I broke about 15 bones and collapsed a lung. As a young adult I found myself physically dysfunctional, depressed and desperately seeking hope. An array of alternative methods, like Yoga and Qigong, supported my growth and fed my curiosity but it wasn’t until 2013 that I found some new practices that drastically changed my wellbeing and the course of my life. It’s as if the lights finally came on and I could see again.

Modern postural yoga was helping but nevertheless after countless physical therapists, classes, trainings, chiropractic and massage work, I was still ‘broken’. The general way of addressing the body everyone prescribed to wasn’t working for me and my body was left in pain and unable to fully function.

“Straighten your spine” everyone said, “tuck your tail for more length and a strong core.. crunch your belly, make it strong, shoulders back and down!”
Pain, and more pain. It was not until discovering the postural alignment system of the Bowspring that my body said “YES! Please, go that way!”

For the first 3-4 years, each class brought up emotion like an ocean of waves crashing upon me. Breaking down my patterns and building my body back up, brick by brick. The Bowspring posture is open and vulnerable, it demands full presence and accountability. A Bowspring class is not a time to check out and flow, it is to fully feel, and that is not always easy. For me, each injury site had to relive the original breakage and release the story surrounding it.

I was introduced to the practice of Wim Hof within months of meeting the Bowspring. Double whammy of ‘wake up, get real’ At the time there was no ‘Wim Hof Method,’ just an amazing man inspired -bright like the sun- there to remind us how awesome we all truly are.

After the first breathing practice with Wim I shook deeply, cried and experienced emotion moving on a different level than what I had experienced with the somatic movement of the Bowspring. The breathing triggered me deeply, I was stressed and emotional and then… I relaxed, maybe for the first time in a very long time. This work was yet another entry into that place within me I needed to visit and clean.

Later on that first day with Wim Hof I was informed further of my bodies fragile state with the ice bath immersion. I thought I could just poker face it, in and out, thinking it would be no big deal. I experienced the challenges of my physically traumatized body on a deeper level, and the ice gave me no place to run to.

I discovered that day that I was holding within me things I couldn’t see or touch but only feel. “Feeling is Understanding” said Wim Hof. I understood. I understood that I had a lot of work to do. That no one could give it to me, no pill, no guru, it was only within me. This feeling, and to connect to it, to build a quality relationship with it was the only way to communicate and get the answers I needed.

Now I find myself years later writing this story. A story about a journey into a simple but not easy lifestyle that has opened up what feels like infinite possibilities.

The practices I offer as LIVE LOVELEE have given me the means for a more clear line of communication throughout my body, heart and mind and I feel a solid foundation growing stronger every day. Thank you for connecting with me through my story and I look forward to exploring this life and all the myriad of possibilities ahead!